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The trip to Ireland was a fantastic experience and it was also important for our English. We stayed for a few days with the Irish and the Dutch. The Irish speak English and Gaelic, a local language, while the Dutch speak English and, of course, Dutch. It was useful to improve our English and to try to speak every day another language, different from Italian. At first it was difficult to understand, in particular because Irish people had a strange pronunciation and because they spoke very fast. But then we got used to it and it was easier to understand and to talk to them. We had to be out-going, to use a lot of words and to improve our pronunciation. It was so useful because we began to talk fluently and we started to speak like the Irish did. At last we were so used to speak English that, when we returned to Italy, it was strange to speak Italian every day!

We stayed in Ireland for only 5 days but we met up with lots of amazing people. At first, we were a bit shy and we didn't speak too much with the other guys. The Irish and the Dutch people had already met in Holland and so, it was easy for them to talk to each other. However, we had the opportunity to meet new friends. In fact, every night, the Irish girls organized parties. They put on some good music and we danced until midnight! The last night was really sad: we just didn't want to leave and the next morning wasn't better. We left Lisdoonvarna after we had said goodbye to everyone for the last time. It was really hard because we were just getting used to know each other and we had to go. Our first thought when we arrived in Italy was to go back to Ireland and see all the guys another time.

There aren't enough words to describe the landscape in Ireland. The blue of the ocean, the green of the fields and the grey of the clouds made a wonderful view that took our breaths away. The Aran Islands were the most amazing destination. The sun was shining and the sky was clear, we sunbathed on a grey-sand beach and we had a long walk along the paths in the island. Then we saw the cliffs of Moher, more than 200 mt. high. And what about the Burren? We were surrounded by this Karst region and everywhere we watched we could only see the Burren. Unforgettable experience!

The school we visited in Lisdoovarna is called Mary's Immaculate School. It's a secondary school. The school starts at nine o'clock and it ends at four o'clock p.m. They've got two breaks: the first at eleven o'clock, the second  at one o'clock. For lunch they eat their packet lunch. They have to wear a uniform:grey trousers and a blue pull. The  school begins in September and ends in June but if students have exams they go to school until June. In the school students study different subjects like: French, History, Science, German. When we were there, on Tuesday afternoon we cooked in their kitchen. We cooked pasta all'amatriciana and chocolate cake that was very good. In the school we played Gaelic football, we saw the Irish played very well and Alessandra, Agnese and Mirella tried to play. We presented our Valley, in particular about the Adamello Park, Naquane’s Rocks Engravings  and the Glaciers.  They liked it. Their school is smaller than ours: they are about 350 students. They also study  music.

It was the experience of a lifetime!!!
Sonia, Lara, Alessandra & Lucrezia

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